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Applications for admissions are received on the prescribed forms. Once the registration for admission is completed, parents are asked to bring their children for an entrance test and interview, provided there are vacancies in the classes for which admission is desired. The qualifiers’ list is displayed on intimated date after which parents are interviewed. Admission forms will then be issued to qualifiers, with the mention of the last date, after which fee challans will be issued for deposition in the prescribed bank, failing which within stipulated time will lead to cancellation of admission and will not be issued another challan if Accounts Office is not informed on time. All entry tests commensurate with the age groups and the requisite academic standard of the class in which admission is required. Re-test consideration is exclusively on Principal’s discretion, which can not be claimed.


The following documents should be submitted at the time of initiating the admission process:

  • Registration Form filled in a complete manner (Incomplete Registration Forms are liable to be rejected).
  • Four recent passport size coloured photographs of the child.
  • A copy of the child’s birth certificate, issued by KMC, Cantonment Board, Municipality or Union Council.
  • School Leaving Certificate duly certified by Education Authority in cases of class I and above the previous school.
  • Previous class result card in case of classes I-onwards.
Montessori minimum 2.6 years to maximum 3.6 years
Advance Montessori minimum 3.6 years to maximum 4.6 years
Prep minimum 4.6 years to maximum 5.6 years
Class I minimum 5.6 years to maximum 6.6 years
Class II minimum 6.6 years to maximum 7.6 years
Class III minimum 7.6 years to maximum 8.6 years
Class IV minimum 8.6 years to maximum 9.6 years
Class V minimum 9.6 years to maximum 10.6 years
Class VI minimum 10.6 years to maximum 11.6 years
Class VII minimum 11.6 years to maximum 12.6 years
Class VIII minimum 12.6 years to maximum13.6 years
Class IX minimum 13.6 years to maximum 14.6 years


The Academic year begins in the 1st week of August and ends on 31st May (Cambridge stream) and 1st week of April to 31st March (Matric Stream). The academic session is divided into two terms, namely:-

For Matric Stream:

Mid Term : April to October.
Final Term : November to March.

For O Levels Stream:

Mid Term : August to December.
Final Term : January to May.


The school will remain open 5 days a week. Saturdays and Sundays are observed as weekly holidays, unless Saturdays are made working in case of unscheduled holidays after notification from Edn Dte.


Parents will be notified about closure of the school through notices/circulars. But in case of emergencies or unexpected closures parents are requested to remain in touch with news media and use their own discretion to send their children to the school. Telephonic contact with school could also be made in this regard. However students’ contact network is also practiced.


The regular Summer / Winter school timings are as under:-

Montessori, Advanced Montessori : Mon to Thu 08:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Fri 08:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
Prep : Mon to Thu 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Fri 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.
Primary: Class I – onwards - Mon to Thu 7:55 a.m. – 02:00 p.m. Fri 7:55 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.


The school gates will be closed at 7:55 a.m. sharp. Students arriving late will be liable to fine @ Rs. 50/- per day after 3 lates. Record of which is being maintained by the Discipline Incharges at gates. Habitual late comers will not be allowed to enter the school premises and will be sent back home.


Parents should ensure that their children arrive at school five minutes before the timings specified for each class as this will give enough time to properly deposit their belongings in the classes before attending the morning assembly, mandatory for all students.


Parents should leave and collect their children from within the school gate. Parents / Attendants are not allowed to overstay after dropping and picking their children. Drivers and attendants must also be instructed to do so. The person other than usual must show his/her identity for children’s pickup.


Parents are requested not to collect their children before the specified time. Distraction during the school hours adversely affect the school routine and the students progress. This rule may be relaxed for genuinely serious reasons if early information is provided in writing by the parents.


The safety of our students is our prime concern. To ensure this the school issues an identity card to each student. This system also serves to verify the credibility of the person holding identity card of the school. Students are allowed to go home only with the holder of their school ID Card. Parents / Guardians who come to collect the child earlier than the specified home time must show the ID Card to the School Guard or the Teacher Incharge and must get the gate out pass made to show at gates before being allowed to take the child home. In case of an emergency when the ID Card is not available, the person should identify himself and get the written permission from the office, if the ID Card gets lost it should be immediately reported to the school in writing. A duplicate card will be issued on payment of Rs. 100/-


Parents interested in discussing any matter concerning their children should take prior appointment with the Principal / Teachers. Parent’s relatives or friends are not allowed to contact students or bring (Lunch or stationery items) anything for them during school hours without prior permission from the Principal.


Students are required to attend the school regularly for sound academic progress. The minimum attendance requirement is 75%, failing which, the student may not be allowed to appear in exam consequently promotion to the next higher class will also be denied. Parents should ensure that their children do not miss the school unless it is inevitable


Leave of absence from school will be given for unavoidable reasons only on written request. If a student is absent due to illness a request from his/her parents or guardians must be submitted along with a medical certificate, otherwise student will be liable to a fine of Rs. 100/- per day which will be added in their monthly fee challan. Students suffering from contagious disease will not be permitted to attend the school even if they have an examination or test, till they are declared cured by competent physician.


Parents / Guardians are requested to inform the school immediately if there is any change in residential address or phone numbers. It is extremely important to keep this record up to date for official school correspondence and unforeseen emergencies.


Circulars and notices are regularly sent to parents for their information. Parents are requested to check these notices, promptly go through them thoroughly and acknowledge them.


1. Parents Teachers co-operation is basic requirement to ensure good academic progress and all round development of the student’s personality. Parents are expected to make sure that their children attend the school very regularly and complete the given home assignments, Students not making satisfactory progress in studies are liable to be removed from school rolls.

2. Parents-Teachers meeting are held on quarterly basis to monitor the progress of the students and to discuss any other relevant point. Parents are advised to make themselves available in these meetings as no other time would to provided for this purpose. However for any other urgent matter, the parents may seek prior appointment to meet the teacher by making a request in the home work diary.

3. Meeting with the teachers can be arranged only with prior permission of the Principal.


Home Work diary is a mean of communication between parents and teacher. Verbal messages between parents and teacher are discouraged. Parents must write down their messages in the diary which the teacher will check and take immediate notice. An appointment slip will be sent from the school to the parents in case the teacher wants to see them with in regard to their child’s academic/general behaviour. Parents should check home lesson diaries of their children regularly and if a note is sent by the teacher they should take immediate notice of it and acknowledge their daily home work by signing in Parent’s column.


The medium of instruction is English with an equal emphasis on Urdu. Equal emphasis is laid on Religious Education as Nazra and Quranic teachings are compulsory.


Absence from test / examination is serious violation of discipline. Re-examination cannot be conducted in any case. However, during annual examination if any student who is seriously ill and his/her absence is supported by medical certificate, his/her re-examination can be arranged if sufficient time is available. In such cases rank will not be awarded. Passing marks/Grades on general performance of that particular month will be awarded in monthly assessment reports in case of severe illness if supported by medical certificate permission for re-test is entirely on the discretion of the Principal which cannot be claimed.


Appearance in Mid Term and Final Examination is not allowed unless all dues, till that particular month, are cleared. Result will be declared on clearance of dues only.


School uniform must be purchased from prescribed uniform shops.


Montessori, Advance Montessori and Prep: Girls: Pink checkered tunic with white shorts and black buckled shoes. Vest is mandatory. Boys: Blue checkered shirts, navy blue shorts (summer) pants (winter) blue tie, white socks and vest and underpants (mandatory). Class I – III Pink checkered A-Line shirts with white shorts and black shoes, white shorts/white leggings vest (mandatory). Class IV – V Pink checkered slit shirts, white sash, white shalwar, white socks and black shoes, vest and panty (mandatory).


Coloured T Shirt and lower pyjamas according to the houses white canvas shoes, white socks, to be worn on respective classes’ activity days.


Navy blue school’s cardigan, blazer, sweater with white woolen socks to be worn in addition during winter season.

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