Apply for Car Sticker

Apply for Car Sticker

    Instructions / Terms & Conditions
    • 1st parking sticker is free of cost at the time of obtaining membership. Additional stickers will be issued @ Rs 500/-each, will be charged in monthly bill.
    • Only 5 stickers are allowed to member at one time, For additional sticker member may cancel and return the previous issued sticker to the club management (Mandatory).
    • Stickers shall be issued for only those vehicles which are registered in the name of member or his spouse, households and/or his parents only. Open letter or sibling registered vehicles will not be entertained.
    • Vehicle registered in company name or bank lease may provide authority letter (attested).
    • Sticker is club property and must be returned (mandatory) in case of change/ sale of vehicle/ change of wind screen. In case sticker is not returned, new sticker will not be issued.
    • In case of theft of vehicle, please inform Club Management in writing along with copy of FIR (mandatory).
    • Car registration card or book page No 1 be uploaded.
    • Only JPEG files to be uploaded (Where required).
    • Size per attachment must not be larger than 1 MB.
    • All the Bye Laws of respective Club will be applicable.
    • To the best of knowledge the information given is correct.


    • I do hereby confirm that above mentioned vehicle(s) is in my personal / family use.
    • I will not place the above mentioned parking sticker(s) on the vehicle(s) of my relative, friend or anybody not a member of DHA Clubs.
    • Misuse of parking sticker by me or giving incorrect information will make me liable for suspension of my membership or for any other disciplinary action as recommended by Club Management.
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