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Membership Categories

Membership will be offered in any one of the following categories

  • Temporary Cat “A” Armed Forces Serving / Retired Persons
  • Temporary Cat “B” Civilian Persons
  • Permanent Cat “A” Defence Serving / Retired Persons
  • Permanent Cat “B” Civilian Persons
  • Household
  • Golden Membership
  • DHA Officials Cat D
  • Special Membership Cat Gratis A, Gratis B, Corporate Members
  • Temporary Mess Membership (TMM) Serving Armed Forces Officers staying at Karachi
  • Dining Membership


All persons registered in the following categories of DHA are eligible to apply for membership of Defence Authority Club.
  • Armed Forces Officers (Serving/Retired)- Category ‘A’
  • All Others – Category ‘B’
Cat ‘A’ Membership (Armed Forces Serving/Retired)
  • Persons holding Cat ‘A’ Membership of Defence Housing Authority are eligible to apply for membership of Defence Authority Club.
  • While filing in the application form, the membership number of DHA should be legibly quoted in the respective column.
  • Entrance Fee and security Deposit for membership will be paid in Pay Order/Bank Draft along with the application form.
Cat ‘B’ Membership (Civilian)
  • Person holding Cat ‘B’ Membership of Defence Housing Authority are eligible to apply for membership of Defence Authority Club.
  • While filing in the application form, the membership number of DHA should be legibly quoted in the respective column.
  • Entrance Fee and Security Deposit can be paid in Pay Order/Bank Draft at the time of submission of application form.

All columns of Application Forms are to be filled with requisite information. No column is to be left blank. Applicant is proposed and Seconded by the two Permanent members of Defence Authority Club. For the convenience of the applicants a list of Club Members is available in the Club Office. Call up for Interview would be as per the waiting list maintained in the Club Office. In case applicant has been rejected membership, He / She is not eligible to apply for other DHA Clubs before expiry of one year from the date of rejection.

Membership Procedure

Checklist / Requirements
  • DHA membership is mandatory and pre-requisite for acquiring membership of the club.
  • Any person seeking membership of DA Club will have to obtain membership application form worth Rs.200/- from the club office while doing so he/ she is to give his / her name, address and telephone no to staff / supdt. A receipt is to be received by the potential member. The form can be collected from the office in between 0900 hrs to 1700 hrs.
Deposit Of Application Forms

Desirous person will have to complete the form and all columns to be filled in properly/appropriately. Applicant will be responsible to get 1 proposer and 1 seconder out of members of DA Club. (A permanent / Temporary member may propose / second two candidates each in a calendar year). Following documents will invariably be attached with the form:-

  • 3x photos of Self and spouse
  • Photocopy of CNIC, self and spouse.
  • Photocopy of academic/ professional qualifications.
  • Photocopy of birth certificates/registration form “B” of children.
  • Children photos
  • Photocopy of DHA membership card / document.
  • On receipt of membership form duly completed by the candidate it will be checked / scrutinized thoroughly before acceptance. If found correct/ complete in all respect, requisite payment of entrance fee/security deposit will be received from the candidate through crossed cheque/pay order. He / She will be given a computer generated receipt for the payment. Cashier receiving the payment will endorse this aspect i.e. entrance fee and security deposit in the relevant space of form and sign accordingly.
  • Form then will be handed over to Administrative segment for further sending to DHA Head Office for verification of DHA membership number and validity thereto.
  • On receipt from DHA Head Office duly verified, necessary particulars will be noted for ease of interview by the executive committee.
Selection Procedure

Once minimum of 5 candidates are in the waiting, date for holding executive committee meeting will be fixed and approved by the Administrator (Chairman) through a minute sheet. Applicants will be sent invitation to appear before the executive committee along with his / her spouse. The potential candidates will be reminded on telephone 24 hours prior to the meeting of the date, time and dress.


Successful candidates are issued with a confirmation letter showing his / her membership number and other details of facilities within two weeks of the interview. The member will then collect temporary membership cards, rules/byelaws book, after which the membership file is passed on to billing section for further maintenance and record.

From now onwards all problems / queries will be looked after by the billing section and forms for magnetic card will also be issued to them.

Absentee Membership

Rules regarding absentee membership are as follows:-
  • Minimum period of absence is 6 months.
  • Maximum period of absence is 5 years.
  • Any previous arrears / dues should be cleared in FULL.
  • Members / Households cards are to be deposited in the club.
  • 6 Months absentee fee @ Rs 1997/- per month as normal members and @ Rs. 999/- per month as senior citizen members is to be deposited in advance.
  • If the member is also a member of another club of the Defence Authority, he/she and his / her households cannot use the facilities of the club also, during the absentee period.
  • If prior to completion of six months period the club facilities are used, then for the entire period full subscription would be charged.

Fee Structure

 Enterance Fee (Rs)
Security Deposit (Rs)
Total Fee
Annual Renewal Fee (Rs)
Monthly Subscriptions
Absent Subscriptions
Cat B (Civ Pers) Temp 1,900,000 100,000 2,000,000 3993 1997
Perm 2662 1997
Corporate Members 2,300,000 150,000 2,500,000 5990 Rs 100,000 on change of M/Ship.
Gratis A
(BPS-21 & above Civ Offrs)
100,000 65,000 165,000 2000/- 3993
Gratis B  (BPS-17 to 20 Civ Offrs) 150,000 65,000 215,000 1000/- 3993
TMM for Serving AF Offrs
(All Facilities)
10,000 7,000 17,000 1000/- 2662
TMM for Serving AF Offrs
5,000 5,000 1000/- 500
DHA Officials 10,000 10,000 20,000 1100
Life Members 150,000
Cat A
(Senior Citizens)
Temp 1331 999
Perm 1132 999
Cat B
(Senior Citizens)
Temp 1997 999
Perm 1331 999
Households (Cat A & B) 627,000 100,000 727,000
Tfr Cat ‘A’  Armed Forces 285,000 15,000 300,000
Tfr Cat ‘B’ 380,000 20,000 400,000


Membership Forms

Gratis A & B Special View
Members Cat-A Profile (Self) View
Members Cat-B Profile (Self) View
Members Profile (Spouse) View
Membership Application Form Household View
Membership Cat-A View
Membership Cat-B View